LumberTribe Dashboard

Below is the LumberTribe Dashboard which consists of the leading indicators related to the Lumber Industry.

LumberTribe Dashboard 2009

Current Month Last Month Last Year
Existing Homes Sales —July 5,240 4,890 4,990
(Units per Thousand)
New Homes Sales — June 384 346 488
(Units per Thousand)
New Home Starts —July 560 570 924
(Units per Thousand)
New Homes Completed —July 802 809 1089
(Units per Thousand)
Housing Affordability Index —June 159.2 169.8 122.6
Home Index — June
94.6 91.3 88.7
Supply of New Homes–June 8.8 10.2 10.7
(No of Months)
Supply of Existing Homes–July 9.4 9.4 9.8
(No of Months)

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