Fed’s Beige Book: “Economic activity increased at a slow to moderate pace”

Fed’s Beige Book: “Economic activity increased at a slow to moderate pace”

by CalculatedRisk on 11/30/2011 

Fed’s Beige Book:

Overall economic activity increased at a slow to moderate pace since the previous report across all Federal Reserve Districts except St. Louis, which reported a decline in economic activity.

District reports indicated that consumer spending increased modestly, on balance, during the reporting period.

Hiring was generally subdued, but some firms with open positions reported difficulty finding qualified applicants.

And on real estate:

Overall residential real estate activity increased, but conditions were varied across Districts. Philadelphia, Richmond, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and Dallas noted increased activity. New York, Boston, Cleveland, and San Francisco reported flat activity at relatively low levels. Atlanta and St. Louis indicated decreased sales. Residentialconstruction remained sluggish. Single-family home construction remained weak, while multifamily construction picked up in New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, and Minneapolis. San Francisco remained “anemic,” while St. Louis and Kansas City reported decreased activity.

Commercial real estate markets remained sluggish across most of the nation. Boston, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, and San Francisco indicated roughly unchanged activity. Atlanta and Kansas City noted slight improvement. Philadelphia and Dallas indicated mixed activity. However, Richmond and St. Louis noted that vacancy rates increased. Commercial construction was somewhat mixed.

This was based on data gathered on or before November 18th. More sluggish growth …

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