Overall Lumber Shipments through October Sink Below 2010

December 05, 2011

Lumber shipments reported to NELMA through the 3rd quarter of 2011 show an overall decrease compared with the same 10-month period of 2010, with a total of 607 million board feet of product reported to the Association by its manufacturing members.  This total shipment figure was down 1.5% from the 616 million board feet reported last year for the same time period.  Dimension grade lumber totaled 316 million for the year thus far, some 4% less than last year, and accounts for the overall shipment drop.  Eastern White Pine’s shipments were reported at 291 million board feet, a modest increase over year-to-year by 1.2%.

For the month of October, the amount of Dimension lumber shipped in 2011 (33.2 million board feet) was below both 2010 and 2009 data by 6% and 2.4% respectively.  Eastern White Pine came in at 29.7 million board feet shipped for the month, above both 2010 and 2009 by 1.8% and 7.6%.

A monthly comparison for shipments of Dimension grade lumber and Eastern White Pine are provided in the graphs below:


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