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Read of the Day: Kitzhaber report to restore east-side forests

Kitzhaber report to restore east-side forests

December 11, 2012

New report: Restoring Oregon’s east-side forests is a win-win

By Oregon Forest Resource Institute,

Accelerating the work to restore ailing federal forests will help both the environment and the economy in eastern Oregon. This is the conclusion of a new report prepared at the request of Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and legislative leaders: “National Forest Health Restoration: An Economic Assessment of Forest Restoration on Oregon’s Eastside National Forests.”

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute and The Nature Conservancy  teamed up to produce a four-page summary of the report.

The report looks at doubling the number of acres of east-side national forestland that undergo restoration – such as selective harvest, thinning and underbrush removal – from 129,000 annually to 250,000. Doing so, the report states, could create an additional 2,300 jobs in eastern and south central Oregon. The study says every $1 million invested in restoration generates $5.7 million in economic returns.

The work brings timber to struggling mills, provides jobs, and restores fire resiliency to the forest, the report states. Because of fire suppression, historic practices and passive management, some dry-side federal forests are choked with as many as 1,000 trees per acre, where historically about 75-100 trees per acre were typical. Some 80 percent of the 11.4 million acres of east-side forests under U.S. Forest Service management are at moderate to high risk of devastating crown fires.

The report highlights the importance of local collaboratives – in which government, industry and conservation interests work together to plan and implement restoration jobs.

The report was assembled with funding and guidance from conservation groups, government agencies, academic institutions and business trade associations. The full 94-page report  also is available for download.

For county-by-county information on Oregon’s forests sector and how it fits into the state’s overall economy please see the executive summary of OFRI’s recent economic study, “Poised to Rebound,”  or visit OFRI’s dedicated website, TheForestReport.org.

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Read of the Day: Lawsuit expands to lock-up 90 million bd-ft of timber

Lawsuit expands to lock-up 90 million bd-ft of timber

November 21, 2012

by Rex Storm, Forest Policy Manager
Associated Oregon Loggers

BLM Timber Lawsuit Impacts:  Previously reported environmental lawsuits attempting to stop Bureau of Land Management timber sales in Southern Oregon now appear to impact an even larger timber volume.  Environmental plaintiffs filed suit in US District Court to stop up to 25 BLM timber sales, and over 90 million board feet of timber harvest.  For every million board feet of timber harvested, 38 jobs/year are generated in Oregon’s economy.  If the lawsuits are not overturned, some 1,100 Oregonians would be threatened with under-employment during a three-year period.

Oregon Forest Sector Report:  A new 200-page report, The 2012 Forest Report – An Economic Assessment of Oregon’s Forest & Wood Products Manufacturing Sector, affirms that the sector is poised to grow creating thousands of new rural jobs—given improved markets and needed reforms to increase the public timber supply.  The report is published by Oregon Forest Resources Institute, which was created by Oregon’s Legislature to provide reliable public forestry information, and is funded by a portion of the timber harvest tax.  More information at: www.TheForestReport.org

Governor’s O& C Forest Panel:  In October, Governor Kitzhaber appointed a 14-member panel to develop a proposal that aims to legally authorize increased timber sale from half the Bureau of Land Management O&C forestland acreage, while generating sufficient timber sale receipts to replace lost county government timber revenues.  Beginning with a draft bill built by Oregon congressman DeFazio, Schrader and Walden, the panel must deliver its recommendation to the Governor and Congress by early next year.

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